Hear what Season 1 business owners are saying about the show.

"Participating in Restaurant Startup was a unparalleled experience for myself and my business. The chance to get your brand in front of the biggest names in the restaurant industry, on national television, is THE opportunity of a lifetime. You will be tested to the limits - but the rewards can be life-changing".
- Renae Holland, "Bon Chovie" - Season 1 

"Being on Restaurant startup was an 'eye opener' for myself and my business partner. Having the chance to speak with the biggest empire in the restaurant business was the best thing that has ever happened to us and our business!"
- Anne Chen, "Bling Bling Dumping" - Season 1

"Restaurant Kickstart gives companies an amazing opportunity to bring their food concept to the next level and to get backing by one of the best in the business.  The show also serves as an excellent catalyst to bring awareness and exposure to one's brand."
- Erica Cohen, "Baby's Badass Burgers" - Season 1

"Our experience on the show was very educational and fun. Thank you for having us."
- Michael Porzio, "The Ravioli Revolution" - Season 1